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ALARA GAMES - Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQ) #2 - Pioneer


Format: Pioneer
Dato: Lør 15/6
Sted: Alara Games, Trollhättan (Västra Götalands län)
Registrering: 10:00-10:30
DCI-sanktioneret: Ja
Kontakt: einstein


"Magic" competition begins at your local game store. After you honed your skills at in-store events, it's time to put them to the test and battle Regional Championship Qualifiers to earn invitations, promotional cards, and more. This is the first to get to the Pro Tour.

This is the first of two RCQs in Pioneer for this seasons qualifying to Regional Championship in Lille 8-10 of November, 2024.

Ticket Purchase: HERE

Entry Fee: 250:-

Participation Limit: 64

Tickets are only available at Note that store credits CAN NOT be used with a purchase that includes event tickets.

Please note that events with competitive rule enforcement level require a decklist. A link and information are provided only at the original event page at under "Tournament Details".

We aim to make the registration and arrival as streamlined and convenient as possible during our events. You can help us and all other players by purchasing your ticket beforehand through the event page.

We are unavailable to sell singles over the counter. Please place your orders during work hours at the latest 24 hours before the event.

Tournament Details:

Start Time: 11:00

Format: Pioneer

Pairing Method: Swiss with cut to top 8.

Rule Enforcement Level: Competitive.

Decklist Deadline: 2024-06-15, 10:30. Submit via THIS LINK. (You will need an account at to submit your decklist).

You can change your decklist as many times as you like via the link until the deadline, then the link automatically closes. Please note that failing to submit your decklist on time will grant you a "IPG 3.1 Tournament Error — Tardiness" penalty.

Prize Structure:

1st: 1x Qualification Slot to the Regional Championships in Lille 1x Goblin Guide in FOIL and 1x Springleaf Drum Promo Card

2nd: 1x Goblin Guide and 1x Springleaf Drum Promo Card

3d-4th: 1x Goblin Guide and 1x Springleaf Drum Promo Card

5th-8th 1x Goblin Guide and 1x Springleaf Drum Promo Card

Additional Store Credits to Top8*

9th-16th: 1x Goblin Guide and 1x Springleaf Drum Promo Card

17th-32th: 1x Springleaf Drum Promo Card.

*With less than 12 players no Store Credit will be handed out.
Tilføjet: 12:50, 19/5 -24 af einstein  
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