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Soulflayer Sultai Runemark

Sultai Emissary
Fate Reforged, Common

mana cost: CMC: 2
Korttype: Creature - Zombie Warrior
Nuværende oracle-tekst:
When Sultai Emissary dies, manifest the top card of your library. (Put that card onto the battlefield face down as a 2/2 creature. Turn it face up any time for its mana cost if it's a creature card.)
P/T: 1/1
To the Sultai, Ugin's power was just one more resource to be exploited.
Illustration: Mathias Kollros
Kort specifikke regler
The face-down permanent is a 2/2 creature with no name, mana cost, creature types, or abilities. It's colorless and has a converted mana cost of 0. Other effects that apply to the permanent can still grant or change any of these characteristics.

Any time you have priority, you may turn a manifested creature face up by revealing that it's a creature card (ignoring any copy effects or type-changing effects that might be applying to it) and paying its mana cost. This is a special action. It doesn't use the stack and can't be responded to.

If a manifested creature would have morph if it were face up, you may also turn it face up by paying its morph cost.

Unlike a face-down creature that was cast using the morph ability, a manifested creature may still be turned face up after it loses its abilities if it's a creature card.

Because the permanent is on the battlefield both before and after it's turned face up, turning a permanent face up doesn't cause any enters-the-battlefield abilities to trigger.

Because face-down creatures don't have names, they can't have the same name as any other creature, even another face-down creature.

A permanent that turns face up or face down changes characteristics but is otherwise the same permanent. Spells and abilities that were targeting that permanent, as well as Auras and Equipment that were attached to the permanent, aren't affected.

Turning a permanent face up or face down doesn't change whether that permanent is tapped or untapped.

At any time, you can look at a face-down permanent you control. You can't look at face-down permanents you don't control unless an effect allows you to or instructs you to.

If a face-down permanent you control leaves the battlefield, you must reveal it. You must also reveal all face-down spells and permanents you control if you leave the game or if the game ends.

You must ensure that your face-down spells and permanents can easily be differentiated from each other. You're not allowed to mix up the cards that represent them on the battlefield in order to confuse other players. The order they entered the battlefield should remain clear. Common methods for indicating this include using markers or dice, or simply placing them in order on the battlefield. You must also track how each became face down (manifested, cast face down using the morph ability, and so on).

There are no cards in the Fate Reforged set that would turn a face-down instant or sorcery card on the battlefield face up, but some older cards can try to do this. If something tries to turn a face-down instant or sorcery card on the battlefield face up, reveal that card to show all players it's an instant or sorcery card. The permanent remains on the battlefield face down. Abilities that trigger when a permanent turns face up won't trigger, because even though you revealed the card, it never turned face up.

Some older Magic sets feature double-faced cards, which have a Magic card face on each side rather than a Magic card face on one side and a Magic card back on the other. The rules for double-faced cards are changing slightly to account for the possibility that they are manifested. If a double-faced card is manifested, it will be put onto the battlefield face down. While face down, it can't transform. If the front face of the card is a creature card, you can turn it face up by paying its mana cost. If you do, its front face will be up. A double-faced permanent on the battlefield still can't be turned face down.

Standard: Ikke Legal
Pioneer: Legal
Modern: Legal
Legacy: Legal
Vintage: Legal
EDH / Commander: Restricted
Pauper: Legal
Brawl: Ikke Legal
Historic: Ikke Legal
Premodern: Ikke Legal
93/94: Ikke Legal

Sultai Emissary er Legal i disse blocks: Khans of Tarkir

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